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Why Cleaning and Home Staging is Important to Sell Your House

In a busy world that gets even busier when putting a house on the market, hiring a professional home cleaner (or a real estate company that includes a professional home cleaner) can bring peace of mind during a hectic time. It takes a lot of work to prepare a home for the real estate market, especially one that moves as quickly as Colorado’s does.

Deep cleaning your home is one of the most important tasks in the preparation process. The difference between touring a sparkling clean home and a home that hasn’t been deep cleaned is usually the difference between selling and not selling the home – and one of the easiest ways to wow a home buyer. Clean and de-cluttered homes allow the buyer to see just what your home offers.

What you should expect from a professional house cleaner:

  • Detailed cleaning of most surfaces
  • Removal of grease, mineral deposits, soap scum in bathrooms
  • Floors vacuumed, scrubbed and mopped
  • Bathrooms cleaned including showers, tubs, toilets and sinks

In addition to a clean home – you should also hire someone to professionally stage your home. Professional home stagers are practiced in the art of preparing a home for resale. They work with the “flow” of a home, eliminate clutter, edit and arrange furniture, and even assist in enhancing curb-appeal.

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